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Rich and Kris sold their property on Floresta in Port St. Lucie FL.  Hear what they had to say about working with PSL Home Buyers, LLC:

Rich:  It was nice and quick, a fair offer and just got it done very quickly.  We only met five days ago.

Dan: We closed in a week and PSL paid all the closing costs.  We use Liberty Title, they’re the best in the business and we can close in a week only because they are so efficient and excellent at what they do.  If we do business there are no closing costs we take care of 100% of those or no realtor commissions because I am not a licensed realtor just a cash buyer and you receive cash at closing.”


Rich & Kris

See what Leo and Shelly Battista had to say about their experience with PSL:

“Well all I can say is the experience with Dan has been great. If you are thinking of selling your home and not using a realtor give Dan a call and listen to what he has to say.  It went smooth, great, and couldn’t be happier.  Quick and easy.  A pleasure to work with and a real gentleman. We were not in a desperate situation but it was time to sell and I didn’t need a quick close but I did get one.  We are closing a week later and if that is something you need this man can get it done.”


Leo and Shelly B.

Glen Aiken talks about his experience selling to PSL:

“My mom was very ill and we needed to sell the house to provide for her needs in a timely fashion and Dan was gracious enough to work with the lawyers and the hoops that we had to jump through to make this all happen and get the money for mom.  It was very fast, very painless, and very efficient. I really have NO complaints. They jumped through all the hoops, they came to the hospital to see my mom and get the paperwork taken care of. Most people wouldn’t even come and do that.  They helped with the power of attorney. So, it was great, a great day and we are all happy and ready to move on.”


Glen Aiken




“Very quick, very strait forward…”

Carmen and Bob

“Super easy, super convenient…” 

Justin Clifford

“The process was very simple…”

Rebecca and Barry